Green Tiles

M Square Tiles Ltd prides itself in being environmentally aware, and being associated with other like minded companies. In particular we are proud to be linked with Cerdomus - a company that shares our enthusiasm towards environmental issues.

The Cerdomus stance on environmental issues:

For Cerindustries S.p.a., ecological awareness is a matter of ethics, something which guides our relationship not only with the environment but with people. The place where Cerindustries S.p.a. has existed and operated for the last 40 years is ours: our air, our earth, the place where we grew up and where we're bringing up our own children: it's a place we love profoundly, and because we love it we try to look after it every day.

Over the course of our 40 years of existence, new processes and technologies have changed the way our company makes its products. Labour relations have evolved too, and so have the aspirations of the people who work for us: environmental awareness is no longer the preserve of a few enlightened individuals but a social responsibility which is shared by all.

All of us now know that our resources are not infinite, that the earth which supports us requires respect and care, and that there are many things a company can do to harmonize its activities with its surrounding environment. Today, it gives us satisfaction to think that to produce means creating without destroying. And to create things of beauty is to make our environment more beautiful.

Over the 40 years of our existence we have significantly invested in:

  • Innovation through new technology, at the service of energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Using raw materials and organising processes designed to limit the effects of our activity on the environment and the people who live it
  • Reducing environmental impact and pollution
  • Improving the environment and working conditions
  • Obtaining the leading environmental certifications
  • Working to establish a clear and transparent rapport with our customers
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